Top Best Greek Dishes to Try in USA


For some reason, the United States has long been considered the world capital of gastronomy, as it has trained renowned chefs in the restaurants of this country to bring the famous flavors to your country.

While it is true that the United States has given the world exceptional dishes, here are the iconic Greek dishes that Americans consume.

Greek salad

Most people think that the Greek salad is an American invention to try to take advantage of the flavors of Greece. Although there are many versions of this wonderful salad, most Americans appreciate the true Greek salad prepared and served in Greece. For those who ask for it, the real Greek salad does not contain lettuce. However, there are many fresh tomatoes, onions, black olives, as well as cucumbers and peppers. Everything is garnished with a large piece of tasty feta cheese.


I really did not enjoy the moussaka before trying the real Greek moussaka made of tender aubergines, meat, and cheese and garnished with a creamy sauce. This coherent casserole is not for conscious weight, but even those with a strict diet should try this wonderful dish at least once in a lifetime. This dish does not melt in your mouth, but it is full of spicy benefits that make you want to eat more, even when you are drunk.

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Speaking of things, you will not feel that you have tasted the real Greek food before you have tasted a portion of stuffed grape leaves. This delicious dish will remind you of stuffed cabbage but do not make mistakes. This dish avoids tomato sauce instead of a sauce with an egg and lemon flavor that gives the dish a unique flavor that most people love.

Lamb With Roasted Potatoes

Lamb is a popular meat in Greece and people prepare for special occasions or company that serves a leg of lamb cooked to perfection with baked potatoes in the same dish and seasoned with garlic, lemon, and oregano. This simple but elegant dinner is at the top of the list of some of the most famous and incredible dishes in the world.


Baklava is probably the most recognizable Greek food on the planet and the favorite dessert of people all over the world. Composed of thin sheets of phyllo dough, honey, and finely chopped nuts, this sweet is really nice and sweet. This shows how much you like to eat the Greeks.

Skewered Kabobs

If you’ve ever wondered where the skewers come from, it probably comes from the Greek islands. This delicious street food includes pieces of meat (lamb, chicken, veal or pork) cut into small pieces with or without grilled vegetables to perfection and served directly on the stick for all to use.

There are many other Greek foods that can be tasted and are incredibly delicious. However, make sure you have a traditional Greek recipe or eat a dish prepared by the real Greeks so that you can really get the essence and the unique spicy taste that really makes Greek food so special to Americans. Under 25 car rental is necessary when moving from one place to another in search of these dishes.